The Chocolate Sites

Chocolate is … well, let’s just say that for a chocolate lover, chocolate is the difference between a day being sunny or gray.

Sure, either way, you have to get through the day and do the allotted tasks, but chocolate makes everything seem just that much better.

We hope this site that will make you want to run out and find a bar of chocolate right now! And more importantly, take the time to enjoy it.

We’ve posted a collection of chocolate history, recipes, jokes, facts and great links…all designed around one of our favorite concepts…chocolate. And maybe send us some!

Chocolate is all about…life. That’s right – life. You can live your life without chocolate, like you can live your life without a lot of things. But chocolate represents that little extra you do for yourself. Pamper yourself – go to a spa or gym, light a candle and soak in a tub filled with bubbles, go sit on the beach or at the top of the mountain and just enjoy the moment…and don’t forget to take some chocolate with you!

With each bite, think of something good in your life, and smile. And, if things aren’t as good as they could be, take a bite and think of something you can do to make your life better. The important thing is…enrich your life – take the time to smell the roses, watch your favorite people enjoy life, watch a squirrel run across the grass, watch a leaf fall from a tree…and take a bite of a good piece of chocolate!